* Location: Brooklyn

* Gender and sexual style: macho female, playful, fighter'n'biter (Bite 'er? I hardly know her!)

* General interests and favorite things: Performance, dance, progressive activism, mountain lakes, deserts, bicycles.

* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: Because I enjoy performing my body. Because I enjoy how my body looks all dressed up in a harness and a cock. Because most of the time, I can't control how men on the street sexualize me (they are so cliched and unimaginative about it!) Well, imagine this!

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: Tension, flipping, exploration, surprise. Hard work. Firefighters.

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Hedwig.

* Strapons have shaped my perception of gender by introducing me to the world of toys. Toys can be new body parts, toys can do things no body part can. They open a world of sexuality where gender doesn't have to be center stage. Also, strap-ons have shown me how bodies experiencing pleasure can break the gender mold. I recognize the way a man's body responds to being penetrated, because it looks how I've felt; I identify with that intimately. Learning how to give that pleasure, how to penetrate, how to fuck with a cock – that was a new way for my body to move. I feel like myself, but with a new energy that I've only seen & felt from men.

* A tale of strapon win: The first time I travelled on an airplane with my dildo in my carry-on, I was stopped at security. They told me they had to check inside my bag, something about having liquids. I reached to show them the possible culprit, a tiny toothpaste tube, but forgot that you're not allowed to touch your stuff while their looking at it. I was firmly told to back off as the bag was passed to the young security guy, with his buddy nearby. That's when I wondered what they'd do with the dildo. The guy had his latex gloves on. He didn't look inside, he just reached around, feeling, groping, groping some more, chatting to his buddy. (The dildo was in a cloth bag.) I was curious, waiting for them to “realize,” or giggle, or elbow each other. Eventually, he closed the bag, pushed it across to me, and said “It was your toy,” looking me right in the eye. Clearly, he'd either been properly trained in how to handle dildos, OR, he'd done it enough times to know how to take care of it. He was discreet, and respectful. But what was most exciting to me was that he'd just spent a few minutes groping my glittery, hard cock in the middle of a crowded airport.

* Something I would like to do involving a strapon that I haven't done yet: A strap-on version of a daisy chain. A parade.

* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: The Center for Sex and Culture; your local chapter of the ACLU.

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