Sadie Lune

* Location: San Francisco
* Gender and sexual style: Dandy-Femme-Creep, Top-Switch-Princess

* My blog:

* General interests and favorite things: Figs, Snakes, the Moon, Ladies, Pregnant Ladies, Blowjobs, Hitachis, Octopi, Art, being in mutual love
* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: I love packing, stroking, sucking and being sucked.

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: Femmes, great asses, redheads, full hips, bald ladies, goatees, plump lips, strong arms, brunettes, pretty feet, wild hair, animally boys, witchy girls, fluid genders, satyrs and mermaids, delapidated buildings, fresh fruits, seafood, eggs, bales of hay, bodies of water, piss, beautiful hands, people who do what i say, people who let me slap them when they don't, people who play both rough and tender

* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: VixSkin cocks! I like my leather texas two-strap, but I really want thigh harness and  a "Joque" by Spareparts, they look amazing.

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Salvador Dali

* A tale of strapon win: Once I had a threeway date with my lover and a semi-famous person who was performing at a cabaret. I ran into a friend at the show and when she found out about my date she said, "Oh my god! I love ______! I will totally suck your cock if you introduce me!" Luckily for me I had a cock in my bag (I always bring a lot of options) and so I said "Alright, lets go to the bathroom." We were in a fairly chic hotel, both high femmed up, and I took her hand and led her to the ladies. We stood around for a minute, waiting for the stalls to empty, and then I hopped up on the counter inbetween sinks. I pulled the cock out of my bag along with a condom, which she snatched from me and then popped in her mouth, and then she unrolled it with her mouth over my hard cock. As she began taking me deep into her mouth, she never broke my gaze, and her green cat eyes with black eyeliner were unbelievably hot as her head bobbed more and more quickly and she grasped my cock with her fingers, giving my cock a wet twisting stroke while her luscious lips slid up and down between my legs. "You are soo hot" I whispered, and then...

* A tale of strapon fail: phone rang. I was waiting to hear from my lover, who was meeting me and our date later, and I didn't want to miss the call since she would be hopping on her bike and we needed to arrange the logistics. So I picked the phone out of my bag and began talking to my lover while my friend was still doing her slippery work on my cock. My friend's gloriously sexy green cat eyes filled with malice as I talked rendezvous points and timeframes to my date, but she continued to suck, clearly shouting: the gall! the impudence! to answer the phone in the middle of a blow job! with her gaze. I finished making the plans, hung up the phone, and then started giggling at my friend, who was fiercely and angrily sucking and stroking away.
 "What!? You hate me know? You're pissed? It was my date!"
"Nobody takes a call while I'm...."
- the bathroom door opened, I hopped off the counter and slipped the cock in my bag. My friend and I giggled and smiled guiltily at the woman heading for a stall, while I smoothed my skirt. She wiped the lipstick from the corner of her mouth. The lady raised an eyebrow and then locked one of the swinging doors.
"I give excellent blowjobs!" my friend whispered in a pissy sotto voce with a slight princessy stamp of her heel.
" Yes, you do! That was great, thank you. Come on, princess, let's go meet _________" I took her arm and she smiled sideways as I wiped some spit from her chin and escorted her out of the toilette.

* Something I would like to do involving a strapon that I haven't done yet: I want to fuck/get fucked with a thigh harness, it seems like such a great use of strong muscles! I'd also love to play with a cisgendered guy wearing a strapon, and use a strapon to fuck someone in one of my favorite contexts: the spontaneous alleyway quicky.

* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: $pread Magazine, The St. James Infirmary, and The Center for Sex and Culture.

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