Sabrina Morgan

* Location: Southern East Coast
* Gender and sexual style: Queerly bi femme top (occasional switch)
* Email: sabrinamorgan at gmail dot com
* My links:,,, @SabrinaMorgan on Twitter.
* General interests and favorite things: Really good chai, knives, my two tabby cats, my shiny black revolver, my shiny red scooter, tech geekery, politics, religion, sexuality, and other subjects considered inappropriate for small talk.
* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: As a top I found FurryGirl's site much more inspiring than the run-of-the-mill femdom strapon porn out there; dominant femme cock can be playful, wicked, brash, and so fuckable even a domme can't resist it. Also, I love that us shooting porn together during Sex 2.0 has become an annual event!
* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons:  Nylons, lingerie, tease and denial, dirty talk, feet, legs, cute asses... I'm also a fan of being playfully sadistic with guys, gals, and gender outlaws.
* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: Aslan Leather's Jaguar, which I have in red and white; Tantus's Vamp dildo because it's shiny, thick, has realistic strokable contouring but also has very subtle glitter.
* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Alex DeLarge (always up for a bit of the old ultra-violence, or a good old-fashioned gangbang.)
* Strapons have shaped my perception of gender because: I finally get to have an exterior representation of my inner cock! (I'm a genderqueer femme.)
* A tale of strapon win: My (also mostly-dominant) partner was helping me buckle my harness before a shoot, and I made him lie down so I could cockslap him in the face.
* A tale of strapon fail: The first time I got to peg a submissive, I was in high school and he didn't own a strapon, so I ended up pegging him by holding a vibrator over my pubic bone and thrusting. (Lack of strapon fail?)
* Something I would like to do involving a strapon that I haven't done yet: Be the centerpiece of a strapon threesome - get fucked with a strapon while fucking someone else with my femme cock. I'd also be game for double-teaming a willing bottom... any takers?  
* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: My lingerie fund?

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