* Location: San Francisco

* Gender and sexual style: queer female and dominant woman

* Email: roxxie AT

* My site:

* General interests and favorite things: porn, vegan cookies, motorcycles, herb gardening, kickin' ass and takin' names.

* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: Getting more strap-on sex

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: I have a fetish for just about everything, but I particularly like dressing up, stripping down, oral sex, and being served

* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: the more alien the better! I really hate "realistic" dildos

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Oscar Wilde

* Strapons have shaped my perception of gender because: I am all woman, and my cock is too.


Stuff on Cocksexual: