Jiz Lee

* Location: San Francisco Bay Area / Maui Hawai`i

* Gender and sexual style: genderqueer, 30% top / 70% bottom, poly flirt, proud slut

* Email: jiz AT jizlee.com

* My etc: JizLee.com / "Jiz Lee" on fetlife; facebook, and @jizlee on twitter.

* General interests and favorite things: web technologies, artists, non-profits, helping folks out, sex geeks, and pretty pictures.

* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: Because it's COCK-sexual! How better to describe queer/pan/everything goes fucking than a site like this? I love my cocks and am happy to show them off for a site like this!

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: Besides cocks? Gaping holes, wedgies, punching, degradation, ink, ejaculation, lip-piercings, boots/heels, androgynous beauties, and sticking things in holes.

* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: Jaguar Lux (white), SpareParts joque (black), Commando (black) for harnesses; for cocks: Randy, Outlaw, Maverick, Buck, and for variety, the Spur. (Love Vixen dildos, love dildos that are black or natural tan colors. The wider the better; length or balls not important.)

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Duke "The Duke" Kahanamoku

* Strap-ons have shaped my perception of gender because: Anyone can have a cock, or as many as they choose. So much of sex is a variation of taking a hole, and putting something in it. Cocks serve this universal function well.

* A tale of strap-on win: Shooting with Sinn Sage and Syd Blakovich for Belladonna's Strapped Dykes -- I took my cocked harness off and handed it to Sinn to beat me with it. Who knew they made such excellent thudy implements? Also, at Fleshbot awards I packed the Outlaw and took photos with Lorelei Lee, Joanna Angel, Justine Jolie, Arpad Miklos and the editor herself, Lux Alptraum. The Outlaw did not disappoint!

* A tale of strap-on fail: On set confusion about strapping a cock with balls. Took way too long to figure out if they sat better on the inside or outside of the rings.

* Something I would like to do involving a strap-on that I haven't done yet: Eiffel Tower a cismale bottom.

* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: My Philanthropic Porn Fundraiser "Karma Pervs."

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