Furry Girl

* Location: Seattle

* Gender and sexual style: Chick with tomboy tendencies. I like being in a female body, since I get to play Mr Potato Head and just snap on extra parts as needed. I'm poly and medium-kinky.

* Email: webmaster AT furrygirl.com (Please tell me which of my sites you're contacting me about in your email!)

* My links: FurryGirl.com, VegPorn.com, and EroticRed.com.

* General interests and favorite things: Cooking vegan food, travel, reading, playing with my cat, swimming in the lake during the summer, and zombie/scifi/apocalypse movies.

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: Intelligent people who know how to talk about sex without being all awkward and shy. I mostly fuck plain old cisgender dudes, but I like hot butch/toppy/"masculine" women as well. I recently discovered that I love having sex with hot tubs, and now I want to be rich enough to have my own. I have a boner for nerdy people.

* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: My favorite harnesses are the Joque for comfort and packing, and the vinyl Black Cat, which is all shiny and superhero-like. As for cocks: I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain so I could have a natural flesh-colored cock. I want my wangs to be of shades never found in nature, bonus points for glitter.

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Patrick fucking Swayze. It can kick major commie ass and still look better in high heels and lipstick than the prom queen at your flyoverland high school. (Runners up: Stephen Colbert and Rhett Butler.)

* A tale of strapon win: I finally made a strapon porn site after years of wanting to do so!

* A tale of strapon fail: I was sad when a submissive I had been pegging threw away the nice buttsexing implements I bought for him when he left me for a nice normal girl.

* Something I would like to do involving a strapon that I haven't done yet: I'd like to be a part of double-teaming a pretty boy, fingercuffs-style. I'd be interested in bottoming to someone while fucking them, so as to reject the idea that to penetrate is to dominate.

* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: The St. James Infirmary.

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