Dylan Ryan

* Location: Canada

* Gender and sexual style: Female, orange hanky in my back left and right pockets

* Email: thedylanryan AT gmail.om
* My etc: DylanRyanX.com and on Twitter as @thedylanryan

* General interests and favorite things: books, stilettos, bacon, dancing, gender theory, intellectuals, fashion, found objects as art, pie (as in the baked good, not the numerical value), the human brain, sex education, sex workers

* Why I wanted to be on Cocksexual: I think there is a lot of pornography that shows women who have never strapped before in strap contraptions that are unwearable and unrealistic.  I dig the idea of seeing people who actually strap in their private lives wearing the straps that they use and love, straps that work.  I think it is important for pornography to have multiple representations of sexuality and authentic sex is a big part of what I think should be out there. 

* Sexual intrigues and turn-ons: spontaneity, creativity, aggression, good hands

* My favorite types of harness and cocks are: my favorite is the Aslan Rubber Jock.  I prefer buckles over d-rings. Less slippage, more control

* If my cock were the embodiment of a famous person, it would be: Greta Garbo in Mata Hari

* Strapons have shaped my perception of gender: by showing me that it's not what you have that defines you, its how you choose to subvert definitions and get what you want.

* Something I would like to do involving a strapon that I haven't done yet: I still have never packed and fucked in a public place with one. Cliche', I know but none-the-less...

* If you really loved me, you'd donate all of your money to: The St James Infirmary.

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