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Syd & Vid: Red Letter Day VIDEO

Enjoy the second video from Vid Tuesday and Syd Blakovich's shoot. The 8-minute video has more pegging, and then some mutual masturbation where Syd squirts on Vid!


Syd & Vid: Red Letter Day VIDEO

Enjoy the first video from Vid Tuesday and Syd Blakovich's shoot. This hot 11-minute video picks up right as Vid slides onto the Syd's cock. (Part two coming soon!)


Syd & Vid: Red Letter Day PHOTOS

It's been a while since the last update, and I'm making up for it by adding this awesome shoot of Vid Tuesday and Syd Blakovich. As a newcomer to porn, Vid was excited to work with queer porn icon Syd. Unlike the way mainstream porn shows anal sex, I love how much yummy ass play and warm-up goes into in this shoot. Click here for a sample photo from the set.


Furry Girl: Faerie VIDEO

A 6-minute video of myself as a perverted garden faerie jerking off. Or perhaps, since I'm sitting in the middle of a path, I'm actually a horny troll, and there's a price you have to pay to pass me? It works either way, I think.


Furry Girl: Faerie PHOTOS

I figured it was time to add more of myself to my site, so here's a set I've been hanging onto. These were shot a s asort of feminine counterpart to a previous set, and turned out very pretty. Click here for a photo from the set.



Sabrina Morgan: A Cockwork Orange VIDEO

In this 8-minute video, Sabrina Morgan plays with her cock, and then slips out of her harness and gets off while masturbating with it. Cocks are so multi-purpose!


Sabrina Mogan: A Cockwork Orange PHOTOS

I shot this series of Sabrina Morgan while she was visiting Seattle for a sex conference. It's great to more femme cock on the site, complete with a retro garter and seamed stockings! Click here to see this lovely lady give us her version of Malcolm McDowell's "Alex".


Calico & Dyan: Loveseat VIDEO

See more of Calico and Dylan Ryan in this 14-minute video. Hot cock-sucking, fucking, moans, and giggles await!


Calico & Dyan: Loveseat PHOTOS

I love this playful, hot shoot of Calico and Dylan Ryan, which took place on Calico's loveseat. They are both such gorgeous and smart women, I'm happy to have them together on my site. Click here for a one of my favorite shots from the set.


Trouble: New Red Coat VIDEO

See the lovely Courtney Trouble jacking off in her bedroom while wearing nothing but a pair of black fuck-me shoes.


Trouble: New Red Coat PHOTOS

I shot this beautiful set of Courtney Trouble last fall at her home in San Francisco. She was eager to show off her cock classic pervert style- by exposing herself in her new red trenchcoat. Click here for a photo from the set.


Axon Panter: Macho Femme VIDEO

Watch Axon Panter rotating her pair of toys, jilling off with two dildos in this hot clip of single/double-penetration masturbation in bed.


Axon Panter: Macho Femme PHOTOS

In keeping with the idea that Cocksexual's models/performers have some of the best tattoos ever, here's another set named after a tattoo, this time from Axon Panter. I love this woman's sense of style, and I was glad I had the chance to meet her while I was shooting in NYC last fall. Click here for a photo from the set.


Cyd & Xavier: This is What Happens... VIDEO

Settle in for an after-work cocktail and twelve minutes of hot cocksucking and fucking in this video of Cyd Loverboy and Xavier Grey, shot in Cyd's bedroom.


Cyd & Xavier: This is What Happens... PHOTOS

I'm very pleased to add this hot scene between Original Plumbing cover model Cyd Loverboy and Xavier Grey. The two were fun to shoot, and Xavier has the funniest tattoo I've ever seen - John Goodman's character from The Big Lebowski letting you know, "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!" Click here for a photo from the set.