Violet Blue: The Golden Guide to Strap-On Shopping

You'll need the right gear to make your strap-on play partner sing the dulcet tones of sweet, penetrative pleasure. That means selecting a strap-on harness form the oodles of models to choose from, getting the right dildo -- or dildos, as you'll likely want more than one size or shape -- and any other accessories to make your strap-on fantasies come true. Accessories can include vibes for in-harness clitoral stimulation, sleeves that make for simultaneous penetration, and even clever double dildos that thrust in and out of both of you time with your gyrating endeavors. Oh -- and don’t forget the lube! more >>

Thomas Roche: Memo to the Pegged

So it's happening. You're a guy; you've got a lady; any minute now, she's gonna have a dick. She's talked you into it; you've talked her into it; you've talked each other into it, or maybe you've high-fived each other and chest-bumped while she reaches for her strap-on. You're about to be pegged for the very first time.

Now comes the easy part, right? Because if you're a guy, getting pegged by a woman with a strap-on consists of one simple thing, right? You just, you know, bend over.

Right? more >>

Shanna Katz: Intro to Femme Cock

What's hotter than a dyke with a nice, big silicone cock packed down the leg of her pants?

How about a femme with a nice, big silicone cock ready and waiting under her skirt!

There is a huge misconception in our community that you have to be butch, genderqueer, androgynous, or masculine presenting in some way in order to pack, or strap it on. From assumptions about who takes on what role during sex to jokes about “butch in the streets, femme in the sheets” (implying that it is femme to be penetrated and butch to be strapped-on), our culture is ripe with stereotypes about femininity and cock. more >>

maymay: Why I Love My Girlfriend's Cocks

I love my girlfriend's cocks. My favorite is eye-catching, to say the least: bright and semi-translucent silvery-white, with dimmed rainbow colored sparkles glittering all over its surface and deep in its shaft. It's smooth and bigger than I can comfortably fit inside my mouth, which I'm happily working on changing. And when we have sex while she's wearing it, the collisions of her pelvis with my ass feel like firecrackers of ecstasy exploding deep within me.

To put it bluntly, while fucking, I prefer to get fucked. Unsurprisingly, this sometimes causes confusion among my friends when we talk about sex. I remember one conversation I had while driving home from a party many years ago in which it took me 20 minutes to figure out the miscommunication. more >>